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As mages understand it, linear magic resides within the bounds of the Consensus barely , and as such, it does not cause Paradox , unlike the dynamic magic of mages. Despite their magical talents, sorcerers are still sleepers , but their connection with the magical world makes them ideal consors and acolytes to Awakened mages.

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Within the various crafts and traditions, the separation between a sorcerer and a mage is not always clear. Some crafts, like the Bata'a , have no separation whatsoever. Others, like the Order of Hermes , incorporate them into their structure at the lower rungs, hoping to train them to eventually awaken. Since the Reckoning , Sorcerers have become much more prominent among the Traditions, since several Masters and other high-ranking mages were lost on the other side of the Gauntlet.

The same can be seen within the rise of the Extraordinary Citizen among the Technocratic Union. Wraiths are often the target of sorcerers that try to force or coerce them to serve their interests. Several of these also qualify as mediums. The Cult of Isis is a sorcerous organisation that is primary aligned with Osiris and the Reborn. They are the only ones with knowledge of the Spell of Life used to create new immortals.

The diverse forms of sorcery can include Roma curses, high school Wiccans' spells, voodoo and folk magic. However, specific effects can be codified into various Paths, each representing a fairly narrow category of magical effect. Two sorcerers may achieve the same effect with very different methods and use very different terminology, but they are still on the same Path.

Infernalism: The Path of Screams - White Wolf | Mage: Sorcerer's Crusade |

The user uses alchemical rites to perfect and combine material objects to eventually purify their own soul. People can practice it as a kind of advanced chemistry, traditional herbalism or as a mystical science. Price of Failure: The created substance either does not work or has the opposite effect.

Also called telekinesis or apportation, Conjuration allows the user to move pre-prepared objects with the force of his magic. More complex actions of the controlled object demand the use of rituals. Conveyance, also called the Path of Subtle Transportation , allows the user to travel with the help of a ritually prepared vehicle. At higher levels, the user eschews the vehicle, teleporting themselves instead.

Price of failure: The spell either fails, the user ends up somewhere other than they wanted to or attracts the notion of dark entities. Cursing, also called the Path of Fortune , is the art of applying hexes and curses to a person.

For the curse to work, the user must harness their hatred and spite against the target, preferably with some parts of them at hand. These curses activate themselves when coincidence would allow them to. Supernatural beings have a chance to notice and resist the curse. While not specified in Revised, Curses are divided in their potency between Severity and Relation. Price of Failure: The curse either does not work or turns back on the caster.

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Secrets — and swords — will fly. Price of Failure: The weather either does not change or becomes wildly erratic. This book is good because it gives you, by far, the greatest addition to the story itself. Plus: Carnage is on a rampage that will connect him to Knull the symbiote god and only Weapon H can stop him! Are they respectful of you and other approved authority figures?

By using a certain style of divination, the user can see events in the past or the future. Before a divination session can take place, the user must meditate or pray in preparation. In Revised, it is divided into the aspects Time and Accuracy.

Price of Failure: The divination either fails or shows a dangerously distorted image. Dowsing is the practice of locating lost items with magical means. For this, the user needs a magical attuned implement to use. In addition, the Dowser becomes more keen to investigation and a general sense of deduction. Some practice Dowsing as a part of Divination, older traditions see both practices as separate.

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Price of Failure: The user does not find the object or is lead in circles. Enchantment, also called Fetishism , allows for the creation of minor magical talismans. In contrast to magickal talismans, these have only one application and can only operate under certain circumstances.

Price of Failure: Either the item remains a mundane tool, breaks apart or it becomes cursed. The Path of Ephemera allows the user to interact with the spirit worlds. Effectively becoming a conduit for the entities of the Otherworlds, those that practice this path find themselves often overtaken by the creatures living there.

Price of Failure: The user suffers from the aftereffects of possession, has no control or is inhabited by Banes or Spectres. The user can make a target fall in love with another person.

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The magic can either be casted on the user themselves or on an amulet or something similar to allow its effects to take place on others. The user can heal wounds, illnesses and similar ailments. While rarely a permanent treat, Healing often at least manages to ease pain. The user needs at least a minimum of medical knowledge to apply their treats correctly. In the Dark Ages, it had a counterpart called Infliction , which worked the opposite and caused harm instead. Price of Failure: The healing either does not take place or is inverted. Rumored to be the result of infernal dealings, Hellfire grants its caster massive destructive powers.

While generally summoning forth fire, variants have been observed that call forth lightning, sleet, sandstorms, earthquakes or smoke. In Western societies, Hellfire is often regarded as black magic. Similar to its thaumaturgic counterpart, the Path of Hellfire has no individual powers, further advancement only allows to call forth more destructive forces.

Price of Failure: The summoned forces turn against their summoner. Similar to Enchantment and Alchemy, herbalism deals with the assembly of powerful brews from natural elements. While not as powerful as the Path of Healing, Herbalism has the advantage of being readily available once created.


Its effects are slower, but are perceived as more natural and are less likely to fail once brewed. Price of Failure: The potions either does nothing or is actually poisonous. Mana Manipulation deals with what the user perceives as the raw stuff of magic — chi, mana, ley line energy and there like. Through practices like Feng Shui and geomancy, the user learns to harness these energies for their own purposes. With their powers, they can reshape them, banish nightmares or address subconscious turmoils. He could go from little girl to mean guard and it all sounded believable! I never doubted that it wasn't a little girl or a guard.

I was so wrapped up in the story but the great writing and by the wonderful performance of this narrator!

Currently Reading: The Sorcerer’s Ascension, Book 1 of the Sorcerer's Path

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