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What happened to young Ian at the end of Outlander episode eight?
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Lots of grimness. Rat and bucket torture at Harrenhal. Robb Stark meets Talisa. Joffrey is cruel to Ros and Daisy. Mance Rayder refuses to bend the knee, is burned at the stake by Stannis before Jon shoots him with an arrow. A pretty good death actually. In the season two opener we meet Stannis at Dragonstone, and then Joffrey orders a tremendous infanticide. It was vaguely controversial at the time. Feels like a lifetime ago. Understandable given that it had to build an entire medieval universe, but 12 major characters are introduced here. Jon and Sansa reunite, which is cool, Daenerys burns some more enemies, which is hot, good High Sparrow monologue to Margaery.

Theme of climbing. Mid-season doldrums, particularly acute in five, as Jaime and Bronn arrive in Dorne.

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The same, basically, except for Tyrion meeting Daenerys. Everyone gives each other presents. Sluggish early-season number, although we meet Olenna and Margaery shows how skilful she will be at manipulating court. Until the later series, eight episodes are a bit hamstrung by setting up denouements to follow. Oh yes, Mackenzie Crook! Forgot he was in this programme. Another slow scene setter for the epic Battle of Winterfell, full of night-before antics including the knighting of Brienne by Jamie, and the slightly disturbing sight of Arya and Gendry preparing to go at it hammer and tongs.


The demise of top lad Roose Bolton, as well as Balon Greyjoy, both sent to their ends by their families. Melisandre finally works her anti-death magic on Jon Snow. One of the good things about season four was that it was the only moment where, even briefly, it looked as though a kind of temporary stability had been achieved. A superb Arya moment, as she wipes out the rest of House Frey, but mainly this is set-up for a season that packs a lot in.

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Ned working as policeman in Kings Landing to find out what happened to Jon Arryn. One of the most upsetting deaths in Game of Thrones, as Stannis Baratheon burns his friendly daughter Shireen alive to appease Melisandre. Theon jumping off the boat after Euron overruns the Greyjoy fleet.

“Game of Thrones” Season 8, Episode 2 Recap: Getting Cozy by the Fire

Nice reunion between Arya and Hot Pie. A slower than expected opener for the final season, albeit with some touching reunions at Winterfell, especially Bran and Jamie seeing each other again. Cersei sends Jaime to retake Riverrun, while Arya is finally trained as an assassin. If you ask me skulduggery always trumps magic. The Blackfish schooling Edmure at shooting fire arrows was another highlight. The opening of the fourth series introduced the charismatic, enigmatic Viper of Dorne, one of the few good things other than wine to come out of Dorne. Also notable for an excellent scene with Arya and the Hound clearing out an Inn.

What is family? Who can you trust? Littlefinger dumping Lysa out of the Eyrie is probably the most dramatic moment here, one of his decisive power-stealing moments as he saves Sansa. Can you remember a time before Game of Thrones?

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Jilli had the key--the key to her past and the key to her future, but she needed more. A deep urging told her to return to her family home for one last look. Why?. A Secret Twice Hidden: Episode Eight of the Chronicles of the Harekaiian - Kindle edition by Shanna An Amazon Book with Buzz: "Antoni in the Kitchen".

You are much, much older than when Game of Thrones began. Your life is running between your fingers. Another dramatic death which is hard to remember now, as the miserable Viserys was put out of his grump with molten gold. Well, that was that. The grand finale provoked much gnashing of teeth and hot air, not all of it from Drogon. In truth, things were tied up as best they could, given the way the the different pieces had been arranged, although some of the criticism was valid.

The king-choosing and first council scenes were amazingly lame. A number of questions were skirted over. Still, what a spectacle. Theon takes Winterfell.

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Theon, you utter bastard. I hope you are punished for this. Drogon barbecues some livestock, while the Iron Bank of Braavos refuses to bail out Davos and Stannis.

Agents of SHIELD recap: series one, episode eight – The Well

It turns out Jon Snow is actually the true heir to the Seven Kingdoms, the remaining Stark children finally team up to kill Littlefinger, admittedly in overwrought style, and the White Walkers use their new lizard hairdryer to destroy the wall. There is far too much going on, especially the odd scene where Jon shows Cersei the wight, but nevertheless it sends you reaching for the popcorn and cheering along, which is more or less where we are at with the whole series by now. Nursing his stump in the baths, Jaime tells Brienne the truth about his assassination of the Mad King.

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Strategically, humiliating Cersei proves not to be the masterstroke the High Sparrow thought it would be. Spoils aplenty. We were promised dragons, and here they are, mewing atop the naked Daenerys. And one thing we know about baby dragons is they must grow up. Poor old Hodor. The death nobody wanted, as a wonderful character, played so sympathetically by Kristian Nairn, is finally given his due. Poor old Ned Stark. The death they said could never happen! Clearly they had not watched enough Sean Bean films.

After two scene-setting episodes, The Long Night finally delivers on the promise of season eight, with 90 minutes of marvellous blood and fire at Winterfell.

The defenders lose and lose and lose until they finally win, although not before a few spectacular deaths. If it lacks some of the strategic nuance of other battles, it compensates with stunning action sequences and CGI, especially on the dragons, who dogfight high above the plain.

Winter has come. It opens with peak Cersei, as she eliminates all her remaining enemies in one enormous blaze. Arya kills Walder Frey. The Jon Theory is confirmed. Tommen walks out of the window. The Lannisters send their regards.

17 details you might have missed on the latest episode of 'Game of Thrones'

Some would have this number one, and one could easily make the case. The Red Wedding was the scene that broke Game of Thrones out of its fandom and into broader popular culture, the point where it was no longer avoidable. The look Roose Bolton gives Catelyn Stark when she reveals the chainmail he is wearing to dinner might be my single favourite moment of the whole programme. So it proved for Rickon, setting up one of the great battles not only on TV but on any kind of film. Where in previous seasons battles had occasionally felt hampered by budget, most egregiously when Tyrion was knocked out and missed the whole thing, this was the full belt and braces.

It was brilliantly directed, with aerial shots, as well as face-in-the-mud close-ups to convey the full grinding horror of the battle, and the grim relief of victory. The fourth season is the best all-round, I think, the high-point of character development before it started to be forced by the machinations of the plot in the later series. Tywin finally gets his comeuppance, a crossbow bolt on the loo, administered by his son, Tyrion, who then flees.

The scale, the splendour, the depth of character brought to bear on grand events: they all felt new, somehow.

RECAP: 'Black Lightning' Season One, Episode Eight "The Book of Revelations"

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