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Using the names of animals that start with letters in the alphabet in rhyme, making each story silly and easy to remember the alphabet.

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Each animal character is presented as playful, and has a unique personality that can be discovered throughout the book. These illustration are awesome.

Very pleasing to the eyes and will make people go out and purchase the book s. In every sense, it is an instructional book but one which is cleverly disguised as a rhyming, animal book. While reading this book, children will unknowingly learn the alphabet, be introduced to animals new and known, and pick up the subtleties of rhyme. The author presents short stories for every letter of the alphabet and the featured characters are animals. This makes the reading experience fun by giving parents the opportunity to sing, act out, and improvise, while encouraging children to do the same and thereby open their own creative channel.

The creativity of this work is displayed in the unnatural environments the animals live in and in the actions the animals undertake. Animals driving cars, ironing, escaping the zoo…it is all way too much imaginative fun!

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Supporting the stories are illustrations that quite literally make one smile. They are superb—colorful, detailed and diverse. I enjoyed them immensely. The pressure of teaching a child the alphabet is lessened with this beautifully crafted and designed story book for children…and parents. Brightly illustrated animals take you on their personal journey, as they connect with every reader. The rhyming is delightful with each letter, portraying an animal that is either laughing or showing a scene where they are happy with themselves and life around them.

This book offers a fun feel while interacting and engaging with children and their parents. Ever letter is uniquely different; each carries a message of caring and love.

ABC Animal Group Names Book 2 by Christopher Webb | Blurb Books Canada

This is a delightful book to entertain and educate our young with a moralistic outlook. VERY GOOD: The characteristics of a 4 heart book include: a great story; I loved the characters; and there was an interesting plot and unique story elements; there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing. This book was a delightfully creative use of art, humor, and rhyming geared to teach young children their alphabets.

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The Animal Names Alphabet Book eBook: Lakshmi Narayani: Kindle Store. Look carefully, because for each letter of the alphabet, one animal is pictured .. This is a simple book that just names the animals on each page, but some of.

I think this is a book that children would enjoy pulling from their bookshelves time and time again. I highly recommend the book to parents of children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. A wonderful learning tool. Its catchy rhythm is original and very fun. The illustrations will grab the attention of little ones of all ages. I highly recommend A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book not only to teach, but for the simple pleasure of childhood reading.

To answer your questions. It says in the book why the Lion is crying, but I will tell you why she is crying. I read your book and I like the Pig, Nightingale and the Zebra. Why is the Lion crying and does June Bugs come in June? We earnestly enjoyed reading your book. The illustration was amazing and eye catching as well. I was extremely thrilled with the quiz; it served as a good brain exercise for the kids as it tests their knowledge about the book.

Looking forward to reading more from you in the near future… Kudos! An ideal primer for children learning language, the book is certain to enthrall young readers with its catchy verse and bright, colourful illustrations. As the title implies, the text is presented as a series of rhyming verses with each page featuring a different letter of the alphabet.

In turn, these letters are represented by featured animals, spanning A for Ape to Z for Zebra. A handy review and quiz are also included to help parents and educators determine comprehension levels. A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book has an enchanting aesthetic. I had the pleasure of reading an advance review copy of the book, and though my children are all grown, I think they would have enjoyed it when they were younger. The rhymes are definitely silly and the illustrations are fun.

So many of the alphabet books on the market use the same words to represent each letter, but Da Costa uses her creativity to help kids think outside the box. I think my favorite part of this book is the quiz at the end. Parents will be able to read the book to both toddlers and older preschoolers.

While toddlers will enjoy the pictures, the preschoolers will enjoy the silly rhyming tales and the quiz at the end. It is an absolute delight! Starting off with Dape the Ape…the children are introduced to a variety of birds and animals starting with each letter of the alphabet. It fondly reminds me of several of the Dr. And C is for catch--butterflies beware!

So begins an infectious rhythmic chant that takes a girl on an imaginary adventure on a wonderful horse. The countryside, the animals they see along the way, and a dramatic storm all figure in a story that takes its lead from the progression of the alphabet.

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Featuring groups of animals from an army of ants to a herd of zebras, this book takes young children on a wildly imaginative tour through a zany animal kingdom. Each group of animals is described using a collective noun for example, a skulk of foxes, a nest of vipers, a labor of moles. This volume presents the wildlife of the American prairie in text and illustrations. Aardvarks, Disembark!

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After the flood, Noah calls out of the ark a variety of little-known animals, many of which are now endangered. Here are treasured landmarks, significant events that shaped the nation's development, and also the flora, fauna, and fun things so dear to our hearts. A is for alligator, and B is for baseball--and the image shows a great big mitt, a player at bat, and a pitcher winding up.

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G is for the Grand Canyon, portrayed in deep, earthy colors topped by a violet sky. H is for Hollywood, depicted in a witty montage. At the book's end, two spreads with thumbnail versions of every picture provide additional background information. B is for boy Simple in format, with a letter and word on every page and bright paintings of everyday items, ABCis perfect for toddlers.

Discover the alphabet from a bird's-eye view! Using satellite imagery and computer technology, the pair has discovered accidental letters all over the world- in roads, rivers, buildings, lakes, and more.

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Take a journey around the Earth in 26 letters with this special book. Learn the ABCs in a new way! What are ABCers? They're Book readers and Friend greeters, Lap sitters and Race runners. When these friends go to the park to play, they sing and giggle, jump and tiptoe all the way from A to Z. Children will love following them throughout their very active day, as well as coming up with all the ABC things that they can do themselves, too!

Filled with action, ABCers encourages learning, as well as play. Children can find many kinds of butterflies throughout the book. Alphabet City by Stephen T. The urban landscape will never look the same again.

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Abracadabra to Zigzag. Enlarge cover. Remember me on this computer. Skip to main content. Back matter includes interesting tidbits on each and every animal included-all animals Elisha drew for the book. You could pass the book around to the whole class and tell everyone to pick one different letter.

Alphabet School by Stephen T. Imagine a school.