Lotus Sutra Practice Guide

Lotus Sutra Practice Guide
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In Nichiren Shu we have such a general frame-work which we practice in the morning and hopefully in the evening as well, which consists of reciting certain dedicatory passages, passages from the Lotus Sutra, chanting the Sacred Title, Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, and offering dedicatory prayers. As a priest and as a teacher who feels responsible to somehow make Buddhism approachable and practical to folks, especially new members I concern myself with many things. My first concern is sustainability; how to assist a new person in achieving a goal that can be sustained so the next level can be reached.

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My second concern is how to enable that person to learn as much of the basics, and what those basics might be, so that they can actually know what it is to be Buddhist. There are of course other considerations but those two form the basis of what I try to think about when giving initial instructions in practice. While the optimum practice is desirable I have to worry about the ability of a person to actually follow through with such an arduous discipline when they are just beginning. It takes time to develop the skill to recite the Sutra in a meaningful and appropriate manner, time a new person may or may not be able to sustain long term.

In the time we live in folks generally expect to do things much faster and see results equally as rapidly.

Nichiren Buddhism

Many people come to Buddhism because they are initially looking for some peace, some tranquility, some joy in their lives. If they feel like a bigger burden needs to be endured to lessen other burdens they may not be willing to continue. So how do we teach people in such a way as to gently ease Buddhism into their lives, offer the chance to manifest initial benefit, which will encourage continued effort? That is the challenge.

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But when a person is just beginning I think that such a structure can have benefit. Yet in this proposal I will actually employ as an expedient the use of time goals. Remember at first bringing Buddhism to our lives is a major adjustment.

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Ryusho Jeffus is a Nichiren Shu priest serving at Myosho-ji, Wonderful Voice Buddhist Temple, in Charlotte, NC. With over 40 years practicing Nichiren. Lotus Sutra Practice Guide book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This Day guide presents an organized introduction to the stu.

There may be adjustments of space if a sacred space is desired. There is an adjustment of thinking if one is pursue the philosophy. There is an adjustment of time if one has a practice to engage in. There are many other subtle adjustments and they are not all easy to accomplish.

Lotus Sutra Practice Guide: 35-Day Practice Outline

So what I am going to do for the next 35 days is to put forward an outline of daily practice. For those who are long time practitioners of the Lotus Sutra I encourage you to actually engage in this activity as perhaps a way to reconnect yourself with your beginning practice, with the excitement and joy you had when you first began. Reconnect with your dreams, your reasons for first starting. And use this as an opportunity to refresh your practice.

I am also putting this all together into a brochure, which will be an abbreviated version of the more detailed daily postings. As I do these postings I invite you to comment on them, I would appreciate your feelings about this. Your feedback will help me consider this in ways I may not have done so previously. And remember, your feelings are your feelings, they are not right or wrong they simply are there. My initial objective as I begin this is to accomplish the following: 1.

Basic foundation for daily practice 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Other traditions. Mahayana Buddhist text. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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The arrangement and numbering of chapters in Kumarajiva's translation is different. In fact, the so-called "lost" versions never existed as separate texts; their titles were simply variants of the titles of the three "surviving" versions. In terms of Buddhist doctrine, it is renowned for two powerful proclamations by the Buddha. The first is that there are not three vehicles to enlightenment but one, that all beings in the universe will one day become buddhas.

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The second is that the Buddha did not die and pass into nirvana; in fact, his lifespan is immeasurable. Tricycle Magazine Winter. Readings of the Lotus Sutra. New York: Columbia University Press. Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. Retrieved April 27, Virginia Commonwealth University. Retrieved April 13, Virginia Review of Asian Studies. The Lotus Sutra: A Biography. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press. Teiser, Stephen F. Realizing This World as a Buddhaland. Columbia University Press. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies. Journal of Chinese Philosophy.

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The idea of exploring what is not written, what remains unspoken yet is certainly present in our sacred writings. Tanluan and the other 6th—7th-century Chinese Pure Land patriarchs, Daochuo and Shandao, were among those who rejected the role of works in salvation. You submitted the following rating and review. If we do not correct our wrongdoing immediately, we cannot be saved. Rhys Davids. Het is echter in een enkel geval mogelijk dat door omstandigheden de bezorging vertraagd is. Tokyo: Kosei Publishing Co.

Georgetown University. November 25, Retrieved 13 April The Star Online. Retrieved 23 April Abe, Ryuchi Archived from the original on In Teiser, Stephen F. IV, Tokyo, p.

Nichiren Buddhism 'Slow Morning Gongyo'

Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies. Press, p. In: Steven M.