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It was like being a baby -- learning everything for the first time.

Krik? Krak! Lesson Plan

But what Danticat had already learned in Haiti would prove a more valuable education. As a child in Bel Air, she received an enduring lesson in the power of storytelling at the feet of her aunt's grandmother, a woman whose long hair, with coins braided into it, the neighborhood children fought to comb. The whole interaction was exciting to me. These cross-generational exchanges didn't happen often, because children were supposed to respect their elders.

But when you were telling stories, it was more equal, and fun. Danticat made her own first foray into storytelling at seven, when, after borrowing the Madeline books from an aunt who was a street vendor, she rewrote the stories with a Haitian heroine.

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In Brooklyn, she was penning articles for a high school newspaper, New Youth Connections , within a year of her arrival. An article she wrote in high school about her arrival in America and her reunion with her mother became the germ of Breath, Eyes, Memory. When she was simultaneously accepted by NYU's Stern Business School and Brown's creative writing program, she chose the latter, not least because it offered a full scholarship. Even before taking her MFA, however, Danticat had a publisher waiting in the wings. After leaving Barnard, she had sent 70 pages of what would become Breath, Eyes, Memory to Soho, a press she discovered in Writer's Digest.

They were very encouraging," says Danticat. It wasn't until the spring of , after the writer had negotiated the deals for her next two books herself, that she signed with Aragi, who had been courting her ever since reading the galleys for Breath, Eyes, Memory in early Danticat, who currently travels to Haiti as often as four times a year, has been researching The Farming of Bones since The novel takes as its historical background the reign of dictator Rafael Trujillo Molina, a period of rising Dominican nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment Haitians have been emigrating to the bordering Dominican Republic for work since the 19th century.

In , the anti-Haitian propaganda campaign flared into violence, resulting in the death of thousands of Haitians. An earlier story about a survivor of the massacre, "Nineteen Thirty-Seven," is included in Krik? But it wasn't until Danticat stood on the banks of the river Massacre itself, where the killings had taken place, that she fully realized that she wanted to make a novel out of the story.

The river is named after another 19th-century genocidal episode that had occurred on its banks. I felt like I was standing on top of a huge mass grave, and just couldn't see the bodies. That's the first time I remember thinking, 'Nature has no memory' -- a line that later made its way into the book -- 'and that's why we have to have memory.

When the violence breaks out, Amabelle is maimed as she flees back into Haiti, but her lover, Sebastien, is murdered. The novel is more overtly historical than Danticat's previous writings. One senses that its author has laid to rest some of the personal issues that loom so large during the passage from adolescence to adulthood. These days, Danticat is focused instead on a mission of writing for the benefit of her community.

It's a part of our history, as Haitians, but it's also a part of the history of the world. Writing about it is an act of remembrance. Grace has to temporarily trade in the certificate at the post office to get a passport. She feels anxious without it, since when her mother was pregnant with her sister Caroline, she was arrested in a sweatshop raid and spent three days in an immigration jail. Grace reaches home to find her mother preparing a pot of bone soup.

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Ma holds the traditional Haitian belief that bone soup has the magical power to separate lovers, so she has served it every night since Caroline announced her engagement. Ma disapproves of Eric because he is Bahamian and not Haitian. Caroline was born without a left forearm. Ma thinks the cause was a drug that was injected into her by a prison doctor after the sweatshop immigration raid and that Caroline was lucky to have been born at all.

Unlike Grace, Caroline was born in the United States. Ma calls Grace into her bedroom. She is upset that Eric's courtship of Caroline is different from how she was courted by her daughters' father, which took place in Haiti and was formal. Grace and Caroline's father Papa is now dead. One night, Caroline and Grace play a traditional Haitian free association game around the word, "lost.

Ma appears and asks them to go with her to a mass for a dead Haitian refugee woman. Grace goes, but Caroline does not. The Catholic Church they attend holds services tailored to the Haitian community. The priest reads out the names of refugees drowned at sea that week. Many are known to members of the congregation. He says a prayer for the dead woman, who gave birth to a baby on board the boat.

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The child died, and the mother threw the baby overboard and then jumped into the sea after it, drowning herself. Grace thinks of the Haitian belief that there are spots in the sea where Africans who jumped off the slave ships rest, where those who die at sea can choose to join their long-lost relations. The priest asks the congregation to remember those they have loved and lost. As screams erupt in the congregation, Ma suddenly gets up and leaves. Caroline and Eric plan a civil ceremony. Ma wants Eric to bring his family to their house to court her favor and to have his father ask her blessing, according to the old Haitian custom.

Caroline tells Grace that she dreamt of Papa the previous night.


She attended Tulane University in New Orleans. The Chapter Abstracts can be used to review what the students have read, or to prepare the students for what they will read. Why do you think Guy kills himself in the end? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The relationship with Levchin, who alsoinvested, was crucial. Current Assignments There are no current assignments. Some are heavy.

It is ten years since he died. After Papa's death, Ma told her daughters to wear red panties, in the belief that this would ward off his spirit so that he would not mistake the daughters for his wife and try to lie with them at night. For some time after he died, Caroline and Grace had the same dream: they try in vain to catch up with him as he walks through a deserted field.

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They disobeyed Ma and did not wear the red panties, as they wanted Papa's spirit to visit them. Grace tells Caroline that the son of their Cuban neighbor, Mrs.

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Ruiz, was recently shot by the pilot of an airplane after trying to hijack the plane to go from Havana to Miami. Grace recalls that when she and Caroline were younger, they used to wish that one day the rest of Caroline's arm would burst out of Ma's stomach and float back to her. Caroline likes to have her stub stroked, but no one does, out of fear of giving offense. Caroline says that if she were to cut the vein that throbs below the surface of her stub, she could bleed to death.

Grace dreams that she sees her father at a masked ball but cannot get close to him. By his side is Caroline. Grace screams in protest that they are leaving her out. When alive, he remembered everything about their life in Haiti and its traditions and beliefs. Preparations are under way for Caroline's wedding, which is a month away. Though Ma does not want to attend, she pretends that this is the "real wedding" she wants for her daughter, so that Caroline does not resent her. However, she is not going to cook a wedding-night dinner, as is the custom.

Grace decides to throw a wedding shower for Caroline. Ma disapproves because to her a shower seems like begging. Ma, Caroline, and Grace go to Eric's house for dinner. Ma is as unenthusiastic about Eric's cooking as she is about him, and Grace thinks he should have hired a Haitian cook. To save Ma's feelings, Caroline goes home with her and Grace even though she would rather stay the night with Eric. Ma warns Caroline that people are known by their stories and that she should value herself and guard against being the subject of gossip.

After Ma falls asleep, Caroline calls a cab and returns to Eric's place. Grace dreams of Papa: this time, she is on a cliff and he is leaning out of a helicopter trying to grab her hand to rescue her.

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Grace was born when her parents were poor and living in a shantytown in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They called her their "misery baby," and Ma thought she might die. Desperate to find a way to leave Haiti, Papa got a visa by taking vows in a false marriage with a widow who was leaving Haiti for the United States. A few years later, Papa divorced the woman and sent for Ma and Grace.

While he was alive, this was a secret that Grace and Caroline were not supposed to know. Caroline's wedding shower takes place. After the guests leave, Ma gives Caroline her present, a silk teddy. Privately, Grace tells Ma that she did not think such things were to her taste, but Ma replies that she cannot live in the United States for twenty-five years and not be affected by it. Ma fears that Caroline is marrying Eric because she thinks he is the only man who would marry her, but Grace suggests that he may love Caroline. Ma remarks that people's hearts are made of stone.

Grace suspects that this is a result of her hurt feelings when Papa married the widow. Ma brings out a bag of Papa's letters that he wrote to her from the United States while she was still in Haiti.

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The letters address practical matters but never mention love. The night before her wedding, Caroline tries to make Ma understand why she and Eric are getting married in a small civil ceremony: they do not wish to spend all their money on a big wedding. Eric has a friend who is a judge, and he will perform the ceremony in his office. Ma says that such a "mechanical" affair is typically American. Caroline puts on her wedding dress for Ma and Grace to see. She is also wearing a new false arm. She has been having phantom pain in her arm such as amputees experience, and her doctor told her that the false arm may make it go away.

When Ma points out that Caroline is not an amputee, she says she feels like one because of the pressure of the wedding. Ma says, "In that case, we all have phantom pain. Caroline wakes on her wedding day looking ill, with a pain in her arm which makes her not want to get married.

Caroline's Wedding

Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat is the selection for the LAII's Vamos a Leer are not included here, but are included with each section of the lesson plans in the. Krak! lesson plan is designed to help teachers and educators plan classroom When a storyteller wants to start a story, he says “Krik?” and the.

Ma says she was the same on the morning of her own wedding. Ma boils a traditional concoction with leaves, gives Caroline a bath, and rubs the leaves over Caroline's body. Ma tells Caroline that she is looking forward to visiting her in her new house.