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But the Anne books transcend time and generations. Stevenson, comes close. I shed many a tear onto the pages of her story. The purity and symbolism woven throughout is beautiful, but the patience and purity of love across time and borders makes this a precious tale indeed.

My journals are filled with many a copied selection from the Secret of the Rose books.

The series follows seven siblings throughout their high-profile jobs and recurring criminal cases that always get too close for comfort. For slightly more vintage mysteries, check out Roseanna M. This trilogy is a delicious read—literally.

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Not much depth, just lots of fun and food—mostly cake! Romantic relationships are always made a bit more difficult when they are interwoven with the work place, as the heroine Lexi Stuart finds out time and again. What do you get when three friends buy a farm in northern Idaho with the intent of creating a sustainable communal farm? Farm lit at its best.

While following the development of new relationships in subsequent books, you also get a peek into how the now-married couples deal with pregnancy, infertility, and other life challenges. Here at Club31Women, we recognize that not everyone has the same taste or point of view on books, music, or movies, but we offer these short reviews for your consideration. Our hope is that you will find something new and wonderful on this list of recommended resources!

Amy recommended this book so highly I had to read it. I love YA fiction and figured I could use something modern after being in the Civil War so long see below! This book is the sad beautiful tale about a girl with cancer. A girl with terminal cancer and her new boyfriend with cancer-in-remission. It is such a good read and had some super clever writing. Undaunted Love by Jennings Wright. So, I just did the old judge-a-book-by-its-cover and clicked the first thing that looked good on my Kindle. And what do you know? This one hooked me from the first page!

They are separated the entire war and then have to deal with post-Civil War finances, stress and family. It was a really beautiful book.

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I started out not liking this book because the main characters were not Rocklins. But as it progressed, I fell in love with all the characters.

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But everything was pretty tidy, so maybe it was just me wishing it would go on more and more! Oooh, this one was a bit creepy. I really liked this one. Who knew there were traveling theatre troupes during the Civil War? In this story, one of the Rocklin boys uses a theatre troup to cover his covert spying operation for the Union army.

The romance was minimal in this story and I enjoyed the new eyes of the theatre. It was a good read but not my favorite of the series because it felt removed from the rest of the Rocklin family storylines. This one centers on one of the Rocklin boys who makes a hot air balloon to help the spies in the Confederate army.

I started up on this series again because the time period went great with all the Lincoln and Laura Ingalls stuff we saw on our ohRV trip! This book was one of my favorites in the series.

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A clerk and a porter from the grocery downstairs made a careful examination of the upper premises, but, of course, discovered no more thieves. And, more than this, their umbrella was turned inside out and sent flapping in their faces by the erratic wind, so that they could not see what they were doing. Aug 29, Wendy Jones rated it it was amazing. As soon as the water had raised it to the upper level, the other gates were opened, and the Bluebird moved slowly out of the lock, having been raised about fifteen feet, from a lower to a higher level. You can make a difference without depleting your checking account. Howbridge had shrewdly guessed, the rough clothes of Hank Dayton held a fairly good man. And now, it seems, he is here again.

Vicki Courtney is one of my heroes. This book will show you why—she wants to help, encourage and lead women to embrace the place God has for them in their families. With super sweet, silly and sometimes crazy stories, she shares her heart—and what she believes God has shown her as a mom and wife. Highly recommend! This is a hard book. In the middle of rescuing, she finds herself in a downward spiral—struggling to maintain her marriage, her faith and balancing first world life with the horrors of Sudanese life.

This one will stay with me forever.

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I cried through most of it. I am continually amazed at the books in this series. Each one is creative and still manages to keep a nice thread of storyline through them all. This one is about another branch of the Rocklin family tree and some Civil War spies and battle photographers. It was really interesting and satisfying read. And I think I liked this book better than the first one! It is so dramatic it should be a movie. Love these books. And I fell in love with the characters and story all over again. This is a young adult novel about two teenaged sisters who travel back in time to 14th century Italy.

And of course, fall in love and experience really living. I adore Lisa Tawn Bergren and I love listening to audio books set in other countries because they always pronounce the names correctly! I ended up really enjoying it. I opened this one immediately after reading the first in the series. And I loved it just as much as the first. This is the first of a ten-book series about a Virginian family at the brink of the American Civil War. This is my favorite kind of historical novel—where you follow a family for years. Not to mention the drama and complete heart-wrenching decisions Clay Rocklin and his family makes as they enter the war where brothers fight against brothers.

This is one of those dual-plot books. The other part of the book was set in modern day and of course, it all twisted together. It was a coming-back-to-God book with a little mystery and romance thrown in. I really enjoyed this one and will read the rest of the series. In the Company of Secrets by Judith Miller. Then it ended without much resolution so you are practically required to read the 2nd book. Again, eh.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Chautona lives and writes in California's Mojave Desert with her husband Kevin, nine children, and three grandchildren. Here We Come (Large Print) (Aggie's Inheritance) (Volume 3) [Chautona Havig] Here We Come (Aggie's Inheritance Book 3) and millions of other books are.

At first, I thought this story was just an interesting tale of a man who becomes an antiques dealer with his older, secretive and slightly eccentric uncle. Instead, it is the story of the people behind the antiques. Specifically the people of Poland and the strength they show in the middle of Nazi and Communist control.

I sobbed through many of the hard stories and chapters. This book will stay with me for a long time. Wings of a Dream by Anne Mateer. I really liked this book! A must for any teens in your life. Kristin Billerbeck is hilarious! Twelfth Prophecy by Bodie Thoene.

This is the fictional account of the Samaritan women at the well from John 4. Each part of the story was related to a different Scripture about water. As always, I close one of her books wanting to know Jesus more. The Widow of Gettysburg by Jocelyn Green. I read the first book in this series because I got it for free on Amazon. Well, I loved it so much, I started following the author on Facebook and lo and behold, when this second one came out it was free for a few days, too!

And look! I totally loved this book. Much of it was so descriptive it almost made me sick to my stomach.