Genesis As Dialogue: A Literary, Historical, and Theological Commentary

Thomas L. Brodie
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Cotter "The central thesis underlying this study of Genesis is that the God who is revealed as a character in Genesis is always a savior. In Genesis, David Cotter, OSB, helps readers discern a structure in the book whereby the least and the weakest are the object of God's saving help. Genesis begins with an introduction to the methodology that is used throughout the book.

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  • Genesis As Dialogue: A Literary, Historical, and Theological Commentary.
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The introductory essay deals with the theory of Hebrew narrative and the challenges posed to biblical exegesis by contemporary literary theory. The theme of the commentary itself is that the God who is revealed as a character in Genesis is always a savior.

Genesis by Gerhard von Rad "The appearance of von Rad's well-known commentary in English is a most welcomed sight. It will undoubtedly serve a wide circle to whom the original has been inaccessible. Of its type, this is one of the finest commentaries ever to have been written. It is not intended to be a substitute for the more technical scholarship, as the author is the first to admit. Von Rad approaches the text with an amazing sensitivity and discovers dimensions of Israel's faith which had been completely overlooked in the standard works of Gunkel and Skinner.

The Gospel According to John: A Literary and Theological Commentary by Thomas L. Brodie

Genesis by John L. Thompson "The first chapters of Genesis are the bedrock of the Jewish and Christian traditions. In these inaugural pages of the canon, the creation of the world, the fall of the human creature, the promise of redemption and the beginning of salvation history are found. Interwoven in the text are memorable stories of the ancient biblical patriarchs and matriarchs. Throughout the history of commentary, interpreters have lavished attention on the rich passages recounting the six days of creation, the tragic fall of God's creature--from the expulsion of the first parents to Cain's fratricide and the catastrophe of the Flood--as well as the allegorical sign of hope in the ark of Noah.

Commentators in the Reformation continued this venerable tradition of detailed focus on these primordial stories, finding themselves and their era deeply connected to the tragedies and promises, the genealogies and marvels of God's providential election and governance. Above all, Reformation-era interpreters found anchor for their teaching, preaching and hope in the promise of Christ running through these first chapters, from creation to the calling of Abraham.

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While following the precedent of patristic and medieval commentators on Scripture, as well as Rabbinic midrash, the Reformers provide insightful and startling fresh readings of familiar passages, inviting readers to see the ancient text with new eyes. This volume collects the comments of not only the monumental thinkers like Luther, Calvin and Melancthon, but also many important figures of the time who are lesser-known today. Readers will encounter comments from a wide array of perspectives, from the magisterial Reformers to radical Protestants like Balthasar Hubmaier, Menno Simons, Pilgram Marpeck and Dirk Philips, as well as some Catholic thinkers, such as Desiderius Erasmus and Cardinal Cajetan.

The wealth of Reformation interpretation is brought together here for study and reflection, much appearing in English for the first time.

Genesis as Dialogue : A Literary, Historical, and Theological Commentary

Skinner has given us a great commentary, which will at once take its place not only as one of the best of this indispensable series, but also as the most complete and scientific commentary on Genesis in the English languageā€¦One of the outstanding facts which will impress the student and reader is the immense amount of labor represented in its production.

Every legitimate question of introduction or interpretation is considered.

The volume comprises lxvii pages of introductory material and of commentary proper, followed by 1o pages of indexes. In this new commentary, Thomas Brodie offers a complete and accessible overview of Genesis from literary, theological, and historical standpoints. Brodie's work is organized around three main ideas.

The first is that the primary subject of Genesis is human existence; the second is that Genesis' basic organizational unity is binary, or diptych. Brodie argues that the entire book is composed of diptychs - accounts which, like some paintings, consist of two parts or panels. Finally, Brodie contends that many of Genesis' sources still exist, and can be identified and verified.

Is Genesis Literal History? John MacArthur - Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

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