For You Alone: Can a high flying businesswoman love a down to earth poet?

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I love to read, write, and perform poetry I guess that's just me. My love cultured by YouTube and iTunes And love for all things poetic. It burned like I was in the pits of Hell But I guess I should turn off the heater Wool blankets were a bad idea for tonight But it was winter. I guess I have good insulation. Such a picture is created by the invocation of the five senses to create a more visceral response. Look outside See how the clouds creep across the sky See how the sun shines with brilliance See the flowers in bloom This is country scenery innuendo An implied hint of something taboo or improper such as insults, accusations, or sexual references under the masking of a harmless phrase.

Innuendos are usually aimed at certain people or things and are usually intentional. She was quite the She always greased axels well She drained the fluid lines And she gave the best rates. Needless to say she was very popular. There are a few types of irony: situational irony , verbal irony , and dramatic irony.

Basically, the opposite of what is expected to happen Ex. Timmy told a Jesus joke And everyone was just laughing and laughing. Until he was hit by lightning.

What are the chances? Not bad since it was during a thunderstorm. I'm not risking anything. I love your cooking! Nothing like the smoky char of burnt chicken Overcooked broccoli that's wilted to unrecognition And a pie the consistency of a mix of brick and mortar You have a culinary talent like no other That's not necessarily a bad thing.

As my love for you is tougher than this chicken And much more flavorful In an effort to save this marriage I have an idea: Let's go out tonight Cops hiding in the background of a parking lot Anticipating One man drives up "How much for a good time? It's nice and private there.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. In magasines, books and movies men are always For You Alone: Can a high flying businesswoman love a down to earth poet? - Kindle edition by Jonathan Gray. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks . For You Alone: Can a high flying businesswoman love a down to earth poet? Something's Gotta Give! [Jonathan Gray] on *FREE* shipping on.

Each step was shorter than the last Each second becomes even slower One sign: Fast Food It seems to lie As cars go speeding by As groups of people pass behind me And I am left with the quandary: Would you like the combo or just the sandwich? She brushed away That speck of dirt Called criticism litotes A form of meiosis in which the thought is expressed by denying its opposite or saying the opposite is not true.

This understatement is usually very deliberate. I did not say I was right I just said you were wrong I am not arrogant at all You're just sensitive loaded word A word that takes on multiple meanings in one context. The death of tradition Is the rebirth of innovation "death" and "rebirth" take on physical, spiritual, and philosophical contexts here meiosis An understatement.

The opposite of hyperbole. This kingdom is mine A paradise to behold Then why does that sign Say "Mobile Home" metonymy A figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of the thing for that of another thing of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated.

The court rendered a verdict Guilty Murder in the first degree A silence filled the room One mother left crying on the bench actually the jury did, but court makes it metonymy neologism A new word that has been recently coined that is in wide circulation. Neologisms are similar to protologisms except that they have been incorporated into mainstream vernacular. Do lie detectors really work? Can a machine really validate the truthiness of a testimony, Weed out the lies and bring the facts to life?

Truthiness in this context means "the state of being true. It has not been a word for very long-a few years at most. I heard a loud bang From the church down the street Then I saw the fireworks And boy, were they neat oxymoron Two words that when put together sharply contrast to the point where they are viewed as incompatible.

That is one honest lawyer His friend is a sober alcoholic And his brother is a rich hobo. What a functional fracas. Basically, the process of reversing a negative word into a positive word through the use of a euphemism. She was a curvy, bodacious, beautiful woman A woman of the night. She offered her services as an escort for reasons her own She was respected despite her occupation And most of all, she was a crafty businesswoman Who always got her fair pay Even from her pimp.

He set himself on fire Yet he never burned.


He lives to this day No sign he was engulfed in flames Not a singe mark on his clothes. Not a single burn upon his skin His hair remains intact How he could pull off such a feat Well, I can't answer that. Usually referred to as amateur since these types of puns usually accompany childish jokes. Despite this, these sorts of puns do have their merit in literature.

Here's a strange one: Did you know they painted the image of a Russian Tsar onto a piece of tissue paper? You know what they called it? Ivan the Tearable! Ivan the Terrible-Russian Tsar. Tissue paper-tearable.

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The rest is simple. Usually requires that either the verb stays the same and the object changes or the object stays the same and the verb changes.

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There are three types: simple parallelism most common use of parallelism , isocolon parallelism , and tricolon parallelism. Those who live for evil are despised in the long run. I have never had a point in my life A point where I was so unsure of myself A point where death was more than welcomed.

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This was a Hell of which no one should ever know A Hell where fire seemed refreshing A Hell where molten rock could cool me off Where the worst of all situations Was more desirable than anything right now. War is more than Hell In fact, I'd much rather be in Hell. The trees stared at me Towering over me Judging me Knowing I was an intruder pleonasm The usage of redundancy to emphasize on a certain idea.

Basically, two words with the same or similar meanings Ex. Is there a shred of human kindness Where people can care for the less fortunate? Where health is not subject to income? Where, at this moment in time, we are in a crisis. And I could use the money it for a new boat Or for a new car But I couldn't get both Or I'd be broke And that would be a shame Or maybe it would be a blessing And that's probably only for the salesman Therefore I will open a savings account portmanteau The combination of two or more words into a new hybrid word either by combining said words with no modification or by severing and splicing together parts of the word.

The combination of words often denotes the meaning of the new word.

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Portmanteau is often popular with brand names. He was a fan of internet dating He went to what he termed "cyberclubs" His mission: get with a woman In the attempt to not go home alone Maybe tonight won't be so lonely "cyberclub" is a combination of the word cyber [pertaining to the internet] and club [a combination of a bar, a dance hall, and a socialization area] to make a word that roughly means an internet version of a socializing establishment polyptoton Using words that sound the same to convey different meanings.

Polyptoton is a form of pun. The inanimate object need not be identified directly as in mentioned in words; it can be hinted , though whether it is or it isn't identified directly depends on the writer's choice. Moss: There were no trees left Just us Clinging onto their remnant stumps. We often envied them for their height Their ability to touch the heavens. Even with this desecration They still tower over us. Even in defeat, they are strong. A common tactic used by William Shakespeare does "When you can't find the word, make it up" ring any bells?

The intracausationalization of devotion: Loyalty soon leads to extremism Sad truth that is the curse of the religious The saddest part: They are being violently stripped of devotion A tragic blow to the Constitution.

Intracausationalization roughly means "to become like an element related to an element within the factor that causes an event. Go on ahead, look it up. You won't find it. Can be homonymic phrases phrases that sound the same but are spelled different , similar sounding phrases one phrase meant to sound like another , a transitive characteristic giving one item a characteristic of another , or some other sort of wordplay.

I've just been informed the cake contained lead No wonder it was so dense! Perhaps we should do a head count Before we do the dead count repetition Using the same word or phrase over and over. The running of the runners You can hear it A beat, a beat Of running feet rhetorical question A question that is asked without any intention of being answered.

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Rhetorical questions imply emotions without stating them directly.